Lumber and planed wood in aspen (populus tremula)

Aspen is a species of poplar native to north-eastern Europe. It is a very light-coloured wood, which is becoming increasingly popular in, for example, sauna construction.

The lumber is free from knots and imperfections on 3-4 sides, and has practically no brown grain or discolouration. Due to its relatively homogenous structure compared with other species of wood, aspen has a very fine appearance and makes a classy impression, so it can be put to many different uses.

We offer aspen in the following forms:

  • As planed wood for sauna construction (for example, “softline” profile boards, bench boards and slats)
  • As glued scantlings/components
  • As solid cuts, for example, for the furniture industry

On request, we can also provide aspen rough lumber and planed wood in heat-treated form.


Glued solid wood boards in oak

  • In various assortments, strengths and dimensions
  • For stair and furniture construction
  • Glued oak scantlings in various dimensions and lengths, for example, as table legs
  • Can be delivered promptly from our partner’s warehouse